Global International Business are a company led by technology, and our goal is to deliver workable and supportable solutions that meet the needs of the business. Our unique services have led to our position as a key player in the IT Sector with an enviable reputation and excellent We offering services and solutions by alliances with global technology vendors, customers, and specialist solution providers. As well, our environmental system consists of many companies in various technology areas. Besides our partnerships for specific customer requirements.

Our vision

We strive to help our clients do great work through the limitless solutions we offer. Our goal is to be the best system integration solution provider in Middle East. We want to be recognized by our employees, customers, and partners as being the best Company to do business with. We consistently create and develop our own Intellectual Property in conjunction with our global partners and strive to make these our own within the markets we operate.

Our Mission

We help to analyze your IT environment. As a result, you can save money, time and resources. Together with Implementing Integrated data communications and networking solutions for all business sectors.
Every day we do our best in order to:
• Build a strong lifetime partnership with our customers by investing in innovation to provide high-quality specialized solutions and services that fit their business requirements;
• Attract and develop highly qualified specialists to grow our team by providing our workers a safe, fair and inspiring work environment that enables their professional development.

Why Us

GIB Solutions makes every team member an active participant in customers satisfaction. Through this method, team members understand their customers' needs firsthand and are empowered to make daily decisions that meet those needs.

Featured Services

Availability of Skilled Engineers:

We are experts in all areas of network infrastructure. our team is ready to support you and get you back and running as soon as possible, We understand how to work with industry-leading technology to give you support for IT maintenance.
 Simply, we offer you an IT management service from start to finish.

Maintenance Services

If you struggle with ongoing hardware issues. Our services will give you all supports of hardware needs; additionally our maintenance services support center will assist you with any hardware faults. We are committed to providing the highest customer experience in every step of the way.

Design, Implementation and Installation Services

Our Team provides you with a brief session to demonstrate product features. Once we verify all the service conditions that have been met, The Company install and configure your Network Components. From design through Starting to implementation and completion, you can be confident your projects are on time and on budget.

Network & Security Consultancy

Our company has adoption of a system integration approach whereby customers can benefit from our consultants' extensive experience in designing, building and enriching networking and security designs and solutions. In fact, proactive enhancement and security mitigation plans are a valuable part of our delivered services.