Data Security:

·         Vulnerability Assessment

·         Penetration Testing

·         IT Security & Risk Consulting

·         PCI DSS Compliance

·         SIEM Solution

Benefits of Data Security Solutions:

·         Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

·         Fast Detection & Remediation of Threats

·         Reduction of Internal Fraud, Theft & Data Leakage

·         Simplified & Centralized Operations

Security Products include:

·         Next Generation Firewalls

·         Intrusion prevention Systems

·         Web Application Firewalls

·         Email Security

·         Advanced Malware Protection

·         Identity and Access Management

·         Endpoint Detection and Response

·         Data Loss Prevention

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Featured Services!

Availability of Skilled Engineers:

We are experts in all areas of network infrastructure. our team is ready to support you and get you back and running as soon as possible, We understand how to work with industry-leading technology to give you support for IT maintenance.
 Simply, we offer you an IT management service from start to finish.

Design, Implementation and Installation Services

Our Team provides you with a brief session to demonstrate product features. Once we verify all the service conditions that have been met, The Company install and configure your Network Components. From design through Starting to implementation and completion, you can be confident your projects are on time and on budget.

Network and Application Performance Analysis

Global International Business helps its customers reach their applications' optimal performance throughout the entire application lifecycle. By testing new applications before deployment, we ensure that the network and end-user demands are met. As for applications already in the production stage, we locates and repairs performance issues to limit any application downtime or loss of productivity.

Network Solutions:

Network solutions allow an enhanced user experience by reducing the amount of traffic entering or exiting a specific network. An example of network solution includes application performance, which allows applications to be added while maintaining reasonable consistency of links.
Network Solutions include: